Overseas Collection Ltd is very sincere about the quality of products. We have expert teams for pre-production inspections. Our team observes the quality of fabric, cutting, trimming, sewing, ironing, packing, etc. We have teams for observing the post production processes also. You will always get very high AQL standard from us. We inspection teams for each order and style so that any type of fault can be avoided. We issue inspection certificates also for our customer’s satisfaction. Our professional team is always keen to deliver the best service to our customers.

Prompt Communication

We have special communication team for communicating with our buyers anytime.

Product Outsourcing

We ensure the best quality product in a competitive price on CNF or FOB basis.

Product/Sample development:

We always provide this service to our customers. We provide initial pre-cost estimate that is free of charge. We have value added operations that is related to art. Our clients can choose according to their wish.

Level wise supervision:

We have level wise supervision. That ensures the best service for our customers. Our supervising team monitors each step of the manufacturing process. We have all types of quality control techniques to ensure I.P.C DUPRO & FRI on A.Q.L standard. We take care of the all types of faults in the manufacturing process.

You need not worry about the product at all. You will definitely get the best quality product at the end of the day.