About Us

Overseas Collection Ltd is a reputed company for buying, supplying, and inspection of readymade garments. We work with Sweater, Woven, Knit, etc. garments items. We are expert in Knit items such as Polo Shirt, T-shirt, Sweat shirt, etc. We have excellent procurement network, and efficient operation for providing the best service to our clients. We have the best price for our clients. We have expert team for ensuring high quality value added service. We always care about the satisfaction of our customers. We supplies high quality garments items from Bangladesh. We always work according to our customer’s requirement. We choose manufacturing units so that our customers get the maximum quality products from us. We focus on smooth and high quality fabric to ensure the best production for our customers.

Quality Assurance

Ours is a professionally sound company. Our main goal is to be the top company in the sector of quality garments products. We export quality garments from Bangladesh to many countries such as USA, UK, Spain, etc. Our policy is to ensure the following things:

  • Satisfaction of our customer.
  • Quality product.
  • Good communication with customers, and delivery in time.
  • Reduce the rework percentage.
  • Evaluating the suppliers in half yearly or yearly basis.
  • Ensuring good working environment for workers.
  • Good management system.

Quality Objectives

  • Reducing the rejection percentage.
  • To ensure strict fabric monitoring.
  • Reducing the percentage for alteration for every style.
  • To reduce the migration percentage of expert workers.
  • To satisfy the actual demand of buyer.
  • To improve the export percentage.
  • To ensure a yearly re-evaluation process so that we can achieve 90% satisfaction rate.
  • To increase the satisfaction of clients.
  • To reduce the complaint rate of customers.
  • To reduce the breakdown rate of the machineries related to the manufacturing process.
  • Ensure just time delivery.
  • Ensuring healthy competition level for our employees.