Overseas Collection Ltd. is presently one of the largest wholesale clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh. Serving as an Inspection Company, we are supplying Ready Made Garments. Though we are specialized in several Knit items like Sweat shirt, Polo Shirt and T-shirt we also deal with Sweater and several types of Woven. Fleece as well as Flat Knitted sweater like Cardigan and Pullover is along with our other products.

If you are looking for garment sourcing items from Bangladesh with exceptional good quality, we are the one. Our apparel manufacturing process unit is located based on the requirement and expectation of our customers. Manufacturing unit also has priority based on fashion, quantity, quality and cheap price. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. Customer value is what we stand for.

Wholesale Clothing manufacturers & Suppliers

Supplying goods at a competitive price, we assure our costumers a satisfying service along with high quality products. Overseas Collection Ltd has a huge range of networks throughout the corner that gives us priority over all other clothing manufacturers. A highly efficient and extensively professional team of ours opens us the window for providing quality value-added service to our beloved customers. Responsibilities are ours, satisfaction is all yours.

We use high quality local imported knit and woven fabrics. It ensures both quality and style in our products.

We have advanced technology in all segments of manufacturing process. It helps a lot to raise the confidence in our customer’s mind. We believe that quality products can help us to increase our reputation as an international garments clothing suppliers. You are always welcome to join our team.

Our Establishment:

Overseas Collection Ltd was established on 2011. Our main goal is to co-operate our foreign partners in expanding their business in Bangladesh.